• Can handing solutions
  • Modular conveyor solutions for easy assembly
  • Divert Solutions for better product flow
  • Structural enclosure for operator safety
  • Balance Flow Improvement
  • Can handing solutions
  • Modular conveyor solutions for easy assembly
  • Divert Solutions for better product flow
  • Structural enclosure for operator safety
  • Balance Flow Improvement

Baby Formula Production

Problem Presented

Client was looking for a long-term strategic partner to help with the continuous improvement of the productivity and operational efficiency of their baby formula production line. The current system was no longer able to meet volume requirements and future expansion plans to achieve the desired commercial targets. Operator safety was a concern and client was dealing with costly equipment failure and quality issues resulting in unnecessary waste. Client wanted a collaborative approach to address each problem area through a series of incremental improvement projects.

Key objectives:

  • Improve operator access and safety
  • Resolve specific current equipment failings
  • Address production flow issues for improved output capacity
  • Increase usable floor space
  • Minimise external damage to cans (scratches and dents)
  • Move cans from gassing chamber into sealer fast to avoid loss of preserving gas

Engineered Solution

We utilised both Aluminium and Stainless Steel technology to meet hygienic and budget requirements. Our team developed multiple system solutions to balance the production volume and introduce new inspection and packaging equipment. We also implemented precise but delicate can handling options to improve the sealing process.

Key technologies deployed:

  • Accumulation conveyors to allow for downstream packer stoppages and optimised production flow on upstream equipment
  • Basic and robust infeed conveyors at the raw material handling stage
  • Buffer system to allow for run out of in process product requiring finalising to avoid wastage
  • High friction chain conveyors to improve equipment function and reliability
  • Right angle transfers to main line to maximise valuable floor space
  • Walk through lift gates on new conveyors for safe and reliable operator access
  • Wedge conveyor with specialised 45 mm chain to enable in process inspection and verification of print quality without risk of damage to product packaging
  • X-bend transfers to improve handling of sensitive product

“Due to the close working relationship with the client we were able to respond quickly to new challenges and provide practical solutions to effectively improve production processes.” – Brian Gilmore, Sales Director of FlexCAM


Project Management

Our team followed an agile approach throughout the project. This enabled us to quickly evaluate new requirements and resolve unforeseen challenges. In close collaboration with the client, we developed detailed design and implementation plans for each stage to meet specific performance requirements.

Leveraging the modular aspect of our conveyor solutions, we carefully planned installation of new equipment in conjunction with our client’s production schedule to minimise interruption and downtime.” – Steve Alcorn, Managing Director of FlexCAM

The staged execution allowed the client to closely control cost. It also allowed us to reassess requirements for each phase and adapt our design solutions to achieve the best outcome for the various problem areas. It was also important that we provide flexible systems that can be easily modified for future improvements and expansion project.

Customer Outcome and Benefits

  • Accumulation increased by 42% within the allocated floor space
  • Improved operator safety through the addition of access gates
  • Production output increased by 47%
  • Uptime on filler increased by 26%
  • Product loss due to damage reduced by 12.5%