Delicate Product Handling

Our stainless steel conveyor systems are specially developed for direct food contact, and the delicate handling of baked goods. We deliver reliable and practical solutions that minimise maintenance needs and cleaning times.


The importance of a clean and hygienic production environment is particularly important for baked goods manufacturers. The handling of delicate and unpacked bakery items such as bread, cookies and pancakes increases the potential of food contamination. For this reason, bakery goods producers need reliable and hygienic material handling solutions.

Baked goods conveyor solutionsWith increased focus on cost and quality, conveyor systems are also expected to be well controlled to eliminate any loss or error.  Equipment must be safe to operate and easily cleaned to comply with strict hygienic requirements. Some of the typical challenges bakery manufacturers face include:

  • Easy cleaning and wash down
  • High speed and capacity
  • Hygiene and food safety
  • Integrated process flow
  • Rapid change overs
  • Various pack sizes

FlexCAM bakery manufacturing solutions for efficient production and floor space

FlexCAM has over 20 year’s experience in installing and designing efficient and practical material handling solutions for the food industry. Our extensive range of flexible and standard solutions have been specifically developed to handle direct food contact. We can help manage any production flow from safe raw material handling to shipping pallets out the factory door.

System FeaturesCustomer Benefits
Extensive range of high-quality standard componentsInfinite system configuration options
Modular and flexible designFast installation and simple future line modifications
Non-corrosive surfaces with good drainageCompliant with strict hygiene requirements
Easy to clean surfaces with in process cleaning optionsReduced equipment wash down times by up to 20%
Elevation solutions to maximise floor spaceIncreased floor space by up to 40%
Integrated and automated process flowsImproved production efficiency by up to 98%
Standard temperature range of -20 °C to +60 °CSuitable for a wide range of products
Automated and adjustable guide rail systemsEasy reconfiguration for product change overs

Our conveyor systems can deal with high volume and complex product ranges. And for optimal production flow and floor space, they can be made to merge, elevate, divert, wedge, accumulate and buffer.

Automation allows for system integration of machinery and greater utilisation of equipment. Integrated process flows simplify the challenge of managing multiple variations in pack, carton and case sizes.

Fast installation and low-cost maintenance

Due to their modular design, FlexLink conveyor lines can be installed fast and easily modified to meet future production requirements. Installation can be arranged to fit with your planned shut-down schedule to minimise any interruptions to your operation.

FlexCAM systems are built to last offering low-cost total ownership to manufacturers. Our biannual inspection and annual maintenance program ensures long-life expectancy and trouble free operation. In addition, our systems are operator friendly, and easy to maintain and clean.

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