Pallet and Puck Systems

FlexCAM's pallet and puck systems are specifically designed for single piece flow operations with accurate placement and delicate product handling requirements. They present an ideal solution for the manufacturing of high value products with individual tracking and information recording needs.

Pallet and Puck Systems

FlexCAM pallet and puck systems are specifically designed for single piece flow operations requiring accurate placement, assembly work or delicate product handling. Pallet and puck systems are ideal for rapid product change overs or running a mix of products through a single line. Our systems can handle high volume and complex operations where tight tolerances, traceability and delicate product care are required. We can also incorporate RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) functionality into the carrier to track items individually.

Pallet and puck systems are best suited for: pallet and puck systems for delicate product handling

  • Single piece production flow
  • Automated or manual operations
  • Product tracking and traceability
  • Handling of fragile and delicate items
  • Location or orientation critical operations

Typical Applications

  • Cosmetics (e.g. lipsticks and perfumes)
  • Automotive parts (part assembly or machining)
  • Inspection and test operations (sizing or dimensional checking)
  • High value products requiring individual tracking and information recording

Design features and benefits of pallet and puck systems

Our pallet and puck systems all use a product carrier to capture, hold or position a product through manual or automated operations. The carrier enables greater product control and care of the product, as well as changes in size or orientation through the system. The carrier is called a pallet when it is a larger flat plate (>150 mm), or a puck when it is a smaller plastic carrier.

The extensive range of standard components allows for highly engineered solutions to meet specific production requirements. Utilising the modular components we have great design flexibility to elevate production off the ground offering space saving options to our customers.

  • Single track systems for low mass products up to 8 kg
  • Dual track systems for higher mass products up to 200 kg
  • Puck systems for product control and traceability
  • Pallet systems for assembly or machine operations
  • Anti-static for dangerous or electrically sensitive applications

Ease of installation and maintenance

Standard and proven components simplify assembly and installation. Standardised parts also make it easy to replace damaged components, and allow for quick and easy line modifications. The modular design allows for factory based assembly which reduces site installation complexity and minimises down time. Most systems can be installed within regular shut down periods with no interruption to production.

These features offer many benefits to manufacturers including:

  • Low overall maintenance needs
  • Long life expectancy
  • Fast and simple system reconfiguration options
  • Ease of integration with our aluminium and stainless steel conveyor systems

Pallet and Puck systems for cosmeticsWith proper maintenance, FlexCAM systems have indefinite life expectancy presenting low total cost ownership to manufacturers. Find out more about our maintenance services.


Our systems can be integrated with existing automation set ups. This reduces the manual change over requirements between products maximising production time.