Long life expectancy

Regular maintenance can make a big difference to the smooth operation of your conveyor equipment. With the right preventative measures manufacturers can avoid costly and disruptive breakdowns. Frequent inspections will ensure your equipment is always operating in optimal condition for a trouble free production.


FlexCAM conveyor systems are built to last. With a preventative maintenance schedule our conveyor solutions have unlimited life expectancy.

Preventative maintenance service options for continued smooth operation

We recommend a biannual inspection and annual preventative maintenance program to ensure your conveyor system is always operating in optimal condition. It is also important that you service and maintain your existing conveyor systems with genuine spare parts and components. This will ensure the integrity and longevity of your equipment.

Preventative equipment maintenance

Due to the modular and flexible design of our conveyor systems, replacement of damaged parts and line modifications are simple resulting in minimal downtime.

While our systems require no specialist knowledge or tools to maintain, often a little help can make a big difference to the smooth operation of your equipment. For this reason, our experienced  fitters are available to assist with maintenance tasks and tips to ensure a trouble free production.

Customer benefits of preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance will avoid costly and disruptive breakdowns and will offer you:

  • Indefinite equipment life expectancy
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Minimum production downtime
  • Smooth and trouble free operation

We can fit inspections and maintenance around your planned shut-down schedule. Thus, ensuring zero production loss to you.