Accurate product handling

Utilising high quality standard components and proven engineered solutions we deliver practical and cost effective automated solutions for accurate product handling. Our compact single piece flow systems are ideal for the manufacturing of high value pharmaceutical items requiring special care, testing or traceability.


Conveyor line carrying capsulesThe pharmaceutical industry has a unique set of requirements for accurate and delicate product handling as well as quality control and traceability. These are all important factors in the manufacturing of high value pharmaceutical goods. Our single piece flow conveyor solutions have been specifically designed to meet these needs and are guaranteed to:

  • Handle large volumes gently and accurately
  • Leave no scuff marks or scratches on product packaging
  • Meet strict quality control requirements 
  • Operate at high speed

FlexCAM conveyor solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing 

Our pallet and puck systems are ideal for single piece flow operations requiring accurate placement, assembly work or delicate product handling. They can also manage rapid product change overs and run a mix of products in a single line. FlexCAM pallet and puck systems can handle high degrees of complexity where tight tolerances and gentle product care are required. We also have the ability to incorporate RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) functionality into the carrier to track individual pieces through the production.

We offer high batch and single piece flow systems for individual product handling where special care and testing is required. Our system features include:

  • Adjustable guide rail systems
  • Compact 45mm width
  • High speed capacity
  • RFID for product traceability
  • Single piece flow
  • Specialised sorting and production flow

Integrated process flows and automation for efficient operations

Pallet and puck systems for accurate product handlingUtilising high quality standard components and proven engineered solutions our systems can be integrated with existing automation set ups for a more efficient use of machinery. Integrated process flows simplify the challenge of managing multiple variations in pack, carton and case sizes. Automated and adjustable guide rail systems reduce the manual change over requirements between product changes.

To free up valuable floor space, we offer a full range of elevating and overhead conveyor solutions to transport products off the ground. For optimal production flow, our conveyor systems can be made to merge, elevate, divert, wedge, accumulate and buffer to meet any budget and manufacturing requirement. The standardised components simplify assembly and installation, cut start-up time, and allow for trouble free future line modifications, and replacement of damaged parts.

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