Flexible assembly services

Professional assembly and installation services can make a long-term difference to the smooth operation of your conveyor equipment. FlexCAM installers will ensure on time delivery of your conveyor system for a rapid and trouble free production start-up.

Assembly and Installation

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FlexCAM conveyor systems are easy to assemble and install due to their highly flexible and modular design. This significantly reduces installation complexity and minimises costly downtime for manufacturers. As a further benefit, parts and components can be easily replaced or added to existing lines to cater for changes in production requirements.

Flexible conveyor assembly and installation service options

We offer a wide range of conveyor assembly and installation services to suit any budget and in house installation skills. These can include:

  • Supply of components with assembly and installation instructions for you to fit 
  • Pre-assembly of parts of your system at our site with sub-assemblies delivered for you to fit 
  • Full assembly, installation and commissioning of your equipment on your site
  • On the job installation and equipment training for your staff and maintenance crew

Customer benefits of professional assembly and installation services

Flexlink conveyor systemsWhile our systems require no specialist knowledge or tools to assemble, professional installation can make a big difference to the successful and smooth operation of your equipment.

Our highly skilled fitters will ensure on time delivery of your system for a rapid and trouble free production start-up.

We can arrange onsite commissioning to fit with your planned shut-down schedule for no interruptions to your operation.

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