Quality conveyor components

As the exclusive distributor of FlexLink's full range of industry leading products, we offer the region's most extensive selection of quality and functional parts and components. The modular design enables fast installation, low cost maintenance, easy part replacement and future line modifications.

Parts and Components

As the exclusive supplier of FlexLink parts and components, we offer local manufacturers industry leading material handling solutions. FlexLink spare parts and componentsFlexLink’s aluminium and stainless steel conveyor systems are known globally for their innovative design. The highly flexible and modular product solutions are based on 40 years of industry know-how and learning from thousands of installations worldwide.

The extensive range of quality and standard components allows our team to engineer and commission conveyor systems to suit any business need and budget. The modular design offers many benefits to manufacturers including:

  • Simple assembly
  • Fast installation
  • Easy line modification
  • Cost effective replacement of damaged parts

FlexLink parts and components for existing and new conveyor systems

For a fast and efficient supply, we hold the most common FlexLink parts and components in stock locally. The full range of FlexLink products is available on order and can be delivered to your door within two weeks.

Flexlink parts and components

If you are unsure about what you need, we maintain a database of all conveyor systems ever installed in Australia to help us identify your service and maintenance needs.

Our standard solutions require no specialist knowledge or tools to assemble, install or maintain. Therefore, you can build a conveyor line in house.

Contact us with your FlexLink parts and components requirement and we will provide you with a detailed quote for your project. In case you require any assistance or further support, our experienced fitters are always available to provide you with installation advice for the best outcome.

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