Aluminium Conveyor Systems

Aluminium conveyor systems offer a practical and cost effective material handling solution for the vast majority of industries. Aluminium conveyors are extremely flexible and can be adapted to just about every standard production environment.

Aluminium Conveyor Systems

FlexCAM’s aluminium conveyor systems offer a cost effective material handling solution for the majority of manufacturing industries. Our aluminium conveyors are designed for reliability and long life expectancy. They present excellent value to manufacturers with low overall running costs. Systems are quiet and safe to operate.

The modular design allows for rapid installation and ramp up for production. Due to the extensive range of standardised components systems can be easily modified to deal with changing production requirements.

Aluminium conveyors are best suited for:Aluminium material handling system

  • Standard material handling environments
  • Non-critical environments (no chemical exposure or contamination risk)
  • Dangerous goods where anti-static properties are critical
  • Material handling of packaged goods
  • FMCG such as tissue and hardware

Design features and benefits of aluminium conveyor systems

Due to the extensive range of standard modular elements, FlexCAM’s aluminium conveyor systems can be engineered to meet any manufacturing requirement. This allows for infinite layout options to free up floor space, increase production output, and improve efficiency through established and proven engineered solutions.

  • Widths from 45 to 1200 mm
  • Largest global range of standard modular elements
  • Multiple bend radius (horizontal and vertical)
  • Adjustable guide rails (manual and automated)
  • Multi-flexing slat chain and modular belt
  • Elevating and overhead conveyor solutions to free up floor space
  • Accumulators, buffers, diverts, merges and flow controls

Our aluminium conveyor systems are fully compatible with our stainless steel hygienic systems. This offers a cost effective alternative for production sections where contamination or chemical exposure present no risk. Systems can be easily integrated with existing automation set ups. This reduces the manual change over requirements between products maximising production time.

Ease of installation and maintenance

The extensive range of quality and standard components simplifies assembly and installation, and allows for quick and easy line modifications. Assembly and maintenance can be done in house by using simple tools. This offers: Engineered conveyor systems

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long life expectancy
  • Fast and simple system reconfiguration
  • Ease of integration with our stainless steel conveyor systems

With proper maintenance, FlexCAM conveyor systems have indefinite life expectancy presenting low total cost of ownership to manufacturers. Find out more about our maintenance services.