Conveyor Solutions

Twentebelt develops and produces a wide range of metal belts such as Eyelink belts, wire mesh belts, balanced weave, and spiral wire link belts in various materials. Each belt is designed and built according to your specific application and working conditions.

Metal Conveyor Belts

Wire Mesh | Eyelink | TwenteFlex | TwenteSideFlex | Balanced Weave

Focus on Food Safety – FDA, GMP, 1935/2004/EC

TwenteFlex conveyor belts are manufactured in accordance with the latest food safety requirements for food processing equipment. This ensures you get a belt that is fit for use in the most demanding of food processing applications.

Twentebelt has been a specialist in metal conveyor belts for over 100 years. Twentebelt develops and produces a wide range of metal belts such as Eyelink belts, wire mesh belts, balanced weave, and spiral wire link belts in various materials.

These belts are found in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries. Each belt is designed and built according to your specific application and working conditions. Twentebelt is the worldwide market leader in Eyelink Belts.

FlexCAM are the sole supplier of Twentebelt products across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

Wire Mesh Belts

Wire mesh belts can withstand both low and high temperatures, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Wire mesh belts are best suited for:

  • enrobing
  • glazing
  • frying
  • coating
  • dough rolling
  • baking
  • cooling
  • freezing
  • battering
  • breading
  • crumbing
  • shrink wrapping

Design features and benefits

Wire mesh belts are manufactured from 302 or 316 SS providing a hygienic solution suitable for raw food handling.

  • Wire mesh belts can withstand both low and high temperatures, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Driven by Stainless Steel or Acetal (POM) sprockets providing true belt tracking.
  • Can be supplied for tight product transfers.​
  • Wide range of wire diameter (0.9mm – 2.8mm), pitch (3.5mm – 20.32mm, and mesh length available.
  • Belt widths up to 5000mm are possible.
  • We can supply belts with various pusher and carrier flights as well as radius belts for corner applications.



Eyelink Belts

Twentebelt Eyelink belts have been developed over 85 plus years of manufacture. These belts are manufactured from a range of stainless steel or other alloys. They consist of a series of eyelinks (plates) or modules. Joined with crossrods they form a flat, simple surface which is extremely stable and durable.

They are extremely versatile belts and are found in demanding applications in the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries.

There are many different styles of Eyelink belts. The right belt for your application is made based on the type of eyelink, belt pitch and the various options for finishing the side and installing flights.

Eyelink Mesh Belts are best suited for:

  • pasteurisers
  • baking
  • deep frying
  • blanching
  • washing
  • fishing
  • cooling
  • freezing
  • drying

Design features and benefits

  • SS and Acetal / SS belt types can be supplied.
  • Steel (bright), 304SS and 316SS materials available.
  • Flights or pushers can be provided for incline / decline applications.
  • A range of side finishes are available (Welded Edge, Hollow pin chain, Guide plates, Plastic blocks)
  • Chain pitch from 15.9mm – 76.2mm.
  • Wire diameters from 1.6mm – 3.2mm can be provided.
  • Sprockets can be supplied in 304, 316, PA6G (Nylon) and Acetal (POM) as well as cage and disc rollers.
  • Temperature range form -80 Celsius to +350 Celsius


TwenteFlex Conveyor Belts

The first spiral belt without welds

TwenteFlex spiral belts are the next step in spiral belt technology. These belts can be run in Lo – tension, high tension or Inside Direct Drive spirals.

TwenteFlex Belts are best suited for:

  • freezing
  • steam cooking
  • cooling
  • frying
  • proofing
  • general conveying

Design features and benefits

  • Can be retrofitted to most makes of spirals.
  • Available in both 30mm and 40mm pitch.
  • Full SS material or Hybrid – SS rods with Acetal overlay (Flame retardant material also available)
  • These belts use a revolutionary cross rod design that has no welding. The rods are bent at the ends in a special process, providing a smoother, more reliable surface across the drum.
  • Quicker cleaning times and reduced operating costs as a result of the innovative design.
  • Can be used as high- or low-tension spirals or as straight running / side-flexing conveyors.
  • By incorporating machined cage bars, they can be used as “Inside Direct Drive” spirals. This allows for longer belt lengths as well as providing more stable and predictable belt tensions.


Straight Running and Curved Conveyor Belts TBW 20 – TBU 30 – TBU 40

Available to suit curved, (min 2.1 x belt width inside radius) or straight running conveyors for food applications. 20mm and 30mm pitch with 5mm or 6mm crossrods, and a range of lateral pitch spiral wires depending on the product.

Belts from 250mm – 1016mm can be manufactured. These belts are generally found in the food processing environment transporting raw or cooked product between processes such as cooker to spiral – spiral to freezer etc. These belts are also suitable for spiral applications.

Design features and benefits

  • 20, 30 and 40mm pitch belts available.
  • SS and Hybrid – Acetal (POM) and Nylon (PA6) overlay on SS rods.
  • 1.6, 2.2, 2.5- and 2.8-times belt width radius on bends.
  • 4.2mm – 16.9mm lateral pitch.


TwenteSideFlex – Side Drive spiral belting

TwenteSideFlex belts are based on the TwenteFlex series belts and designed for use in spiral or oval applications. The benefit of this belt is that no centre drum is required. Sprockets placed on the outside edge of the belt, placed on a vertical shaft, provide drive to each tier of the spiral. Because there is no drum, you get better airflow along with easier access to the belt for cleaning and maintenance. Wider belts can be used, and various infeed / out feed options are available. For example, you can have an in low – out high or an in low – out low solution. This means more flexibility and better space utilisation. Conveyors with belts running in different directions in the same footprint can be configured. There is less product movement on the belt as there is no internal drum to provide slippage or vibration.

TwenteSideFlex Belts are best suited for:

  • frying
  • cooling
  • proofing
  • freezing

Design features and benefits

  • Each tier is driven by an individual sprocket off a vertical shaft. This provides the ability to tension each tier individually and run conveyors of unlimited length.
  • The system can be designed with multiple belts to enable two or more production lines – feeding different spiral conveyors – sharing the same footprint.
  • Production flow can be up, down or multi-directional in one footprint with multiple entry and exit points.
  • As there is no drum, the need for an overdrive or belt slippage between the drum and belt is eliminated. This minimises the risk of “Christmas Treeing” and makes the product more stable compared to drum spirals.
  • TwenteSideFlex is a more affordable option than traditional spirals offering a quicker ROI.
  • The open space within the spiral allows for better airflow or storage of evaporative coolers.
  • Cleaning of the belt is simple with access to both the internal and external surfaces made easy.
  • Low ongoing maintenance requirements and costs

Possible design layouts (round, oval and P-loop)


Balanced Weave belt

Balance weave belts are the “mother of all belts” and have virtually infinite variations and applications. From super strong (for conveying very heavy loads over large widths, or very hot products through ovens) to very dense weaves for small products, unsorted goods or products requiring stable support. These belts have perfectly round ends, even with a small radius, for excellent product transfers.

Balanced Weave belts are best suited for:

  • glass furnaces and kilns
  • bakery ovens
  • snack food manufacture
  • brazing and annealing lines
  • potato processing
  • pasteurising
  • freezing
  • drying
  • cooling

Design features and benefits

  • Exceptionally strong belts.
  • Can be supplied in both Ferrous and non-Ferrous materials (even in a single belt).
  • Edge plates and flights can be provided.
  • Driven by friction rollers over the entire belt width or positively driven sprockets.
  • Suitable for very high temperature applications (+1000°C).


Specialty Belts

Twentebelt produce a range of special conveyor belts for various applications.

Some examples of these are:

  • plate belts
  • filter plates
  • conveyor curves

Low Plate belts are suited to drying processes. The self-supporting structure of these belts mean they can be used over large widths without support. Perforations allow the opening in the belt to vary from zero to very large. Chain driven plate belts can be fitted with side guides.

Spiral Eyelink or wirelink belts can be used as filter plates. These belts can be designed to suit the product that is being filtered. Depending on the filtration process, either Eyelink or wirelink belts can be used.

Twentebelt have delivered numerous special solution belts for products such as stackable potato chips, sausages, drying potato products and the like.