High Speed Volume Reliability

Our high speed conveyor systems are specifically developed to deal with the unique challenges of paper product manufacturing. The open beam design eliminates dust build-up reducing maintenance requirements. The integrated and fully balanced process flows allow for accurate and reliable product handling.


Paper manufacturing requires robust and durable conveyor systems to deal with the demanding nature of the industry. To ensure low cost and trouble free operations paper manufacturers require automated conveyor solutions that offer:Toilet paper production

  • innovative design to deal with dust build-up
  • elevating solutions for efficient use of floor space
  • high speed to handle large volume production
  • low noise levels for operator safety
  • simple line reconfiguration for fast product change overs
  • trouble free maintenance for minimum downtime

Specialised conveyor solutions for high speed and efficient paper manufacturing

With over 30 years of experience working with household name paper manufacturers we have developed an intimate understanding of industry needs. As the exclusive distributor of Flexlink’s innovative conveyor systems, we offer specialised solutions to the paper industry.

Low maintenance requirement and long life expectancy

In order to deal with the highly abrasive and harmful nature of paper dust, our conveyor systems are engineered to shed dust. The innovative product design of FlexLink conveyor systems allows the dust to escape from the centre of the beam resulting in:

  • Maintenance time reduced by up to 20%
  • Life expectancy of parts and components increased by up to 20%

Efficient and fast operating systems

FlexCAM conveyor systems are engineered to run in excess of 120 metres per minute to support high volume output. Integrated process flows enable centralised palletising and packing, and simplify the management of multiple variations in pack, carton and case sizes. Automation allows for system integration of machinery and greater utilisation of equipment. We offer a wide range of space saving options to elevate production lines off the ground. Our automated and adjustable guiderail systems ensure fast and trouble free product change overs.

Our ability to conduct simulation in our in house CAD tool enables us to test our designs and optimise production flows.

  • Increased floor space by up to 40%
  • Operating speeds of 120 m/min
  • Production efficiency of at least 98%

conveyor solutions for paper manufacturingFast installation and simple line modifications

FlexLink products are the global benchmark for their highly flexible and modular design. The extensive range of standard components permits low risk engineering and flexible line configurations.

The modular aspect simplifies assembly and installation, cuts start-up time, and allows for quick and easy line modifications and replacement of damaged parts.